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I’ve talked about why I find this moment heartbreaking before. Now I’m going to go into it more.

Donnie doesn’t want to waste anymore time. He failed to listen to Leo and now all of this has happened. He’s ready to leave the city, to do as his brother had wanted. He is ready to leave his home of sixteen years behind for what could be an eternity. He simply tells is brothers to get something meaningful, then once they find Splinter they have to leave the city.

This time he’s going to do things right.

Then we get each brothers scenes of them getting ready to go. This is where I applaud the writers,t he animators, Sebastian Evans (the series’ composer) and everyone who worked on this. Because this scene is one of the most emotional yet.

Raph rushes into his room, he knows exactly what he is getting. He gets a simple picture of Spike. Of Spike the way he knew him beore he became Slash. Then he hopes that wherever he is, he’s safe. The writers putting that scene is hit me so much. They went all out with hitting every emotional blow that they could and this is one of them.

Mikey (I’m doing Donnie last for reasons) chooses Ice Cream Kitty. His pet. Of course he would, eh couldn’t leave her behind. Raph would take Spike if he still had him, so no way is Mikey leaving his cat. He also takes frozen pizza, he’s bringing food that they may need. He looks so sad as he tells ICK that they have to go. heck Ice Cream Kitty looks upset to have to leave her home. I am SO glad that they didn’t forget her.

Then I come to Donnie.

This kid has destroyed me in this episode alone.

Donnie is my favorite character so I pay very close attention to him especially in these kinds of moments. He backs a few medical supplies and some science equipment. That’s it. Maybe he grabbed his laptop and it’s in his bad, but we don’t see it. But otherwise he doesn’t grab anything meaningful in the way that Raph and Mikey did. he just grabbed a few things that are going to be useful when they leave the city.

His mind, first and foremost, is on taking care of his family and friends.

Then he goes to Timothy. First of all, THEY DIDN’T FORGET HIM HALLELUJAH! Then Donnie tells him that they’ll come back… only to then say that if they DON’T make it then he’ll defrost in a few decades. Donnie si absolutely unsure if he’ll ever make it back, he’s hoping that he will but he isn’t making any promises.

IDK how long ti would take to defrost Tim, but I’m guessing a while which is why Donnie sin’t just letting him free along with him not knowing if he’ll be any better than he had been 22 episodes ago. And Donne is hoping that if he doesn’t make it back and Tim defrosts normally, the world is a better place and that he won’t have to live within the chaos.

Donnie… dang this kid! Dang all of three of them! Just… my heart… 


Mikey and Raph were hard enough to watch. Then we go to Donnie and April…

Donnie still looks shocked. He’s watching his two brothers as he is still trying to collect himself. April looks devastated. You could see her tense as Mikey comforted Raph. Donnie finally reacts when he sees her brush at her eye. He says her name, he reaches out for her.

Only for his fingers to droop down. Because he can’t comfort her. Not when he’s still trying to get his own emotions to settle. Just listen to when he says April’s name. Rob Paulsen’s acting makes him sound so lost and empty. Like he WANTS to react. He WANTS to comfort April. But he can’t. Because his own emotions have been shattered. It’s just one simple word, yet you can hear the raw emotion within it. Rob did it perfectly.

Then you have April. You see her face go form devastated to determined. She turns around and tells Donnie that they aren’t running. That this needs to end.You can hear her anger and passion as well as her sadness. Mae Whitman let out all of the emotion here within these few seconds. She was perfect.

For April, this was the final straw. Her best friend was a spy. The Lair was destroyed because she tried to save said friend. Her own home was attacked by the Foot Clan after they threw the battered Leo through the window. She had to watch her father again get mutated and who knows where he is now. She got to see the remains of the Lair and realize that she has lost her second home. Now she had to witness Splinter, her mentor and surrogate father figure, drown before her eyes. In mere hours, her life,both the remains of her old one and the new one that she was thrown into, was completely and utterly destroyed.

Now she wants to end it once and for all.

Mikey and Raph look at her and quickly again the same determined look. They are fully on her side. As April talks, you can see Donnie’s fist clench. He stares at them with the same lost expression as he’s had for the past two minutes. Then he closes them and the same look of determination and fury crosses his face.

He was absolutely ready to flee the city. Then this happened. Now he wanted to make Shredder pay. All four of them want to make Shredder pay. Donnie has only one thing let that can get them through the Kraang to do ti,t he Turtle Mech. It’s their last resort.

And now he’s going to use it so that they can end this nightmare.  


Thank you Donnie!

Yes I finally did it ~<3 I drew Apritello kissing! I really wanted to draw this for a loooooong time, but you know I haven’t drew kisses often, so I still need more practise. To put it simply: I find it difficult to draw a kiss, so it really look like a kiss. Aww man I hope you know what I mean xD I can’t describe it ohtherwise at the moment.

I’m really hoping that Donnie gets the girl this time, because April is a half human, half alien mutant. So there’s a little chance that this could happen. Also he still gets three kisses on his cheek so far. Maybe next time a real kiss? :iconhinthintplz: Who knows!

TMNT 2012, Donatello and April O’Neil © Nickelodeon

omg this is soo awesome!! ^great job at drawing!! ><

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